Shannah Jay

Shannah Jay is the pen name I use to write fantasy and science fiction. These books are out of print now in paperback, but are available as ebooks. You can buy them on this website (click on 'Shop' above) or from other online sellers in various formats.

I wrote my four-part fantasy saga, the Chronicles of Tenebrak, because I was fascinated to think what a planet might be like if its inhabitants had focused on psychic gifts instead of technology. My SF thriller/romance Envoy is a cracking read that you won't be able to put down. I couldn't stop writing it and used to creep into the bathroom at night to take notes of an idea that had just come to me. 

I still gives myself a 'busman's holiday' every now and then, to write some more fantasy. A few years ago I produced 'The Sword of Azaray' which hasn't appeared as a paper book, but is available as an ebook.

My latest fantasy treat has been to write a story about how Temple Tenebrak and the Sisterhood were founded, long before the stories told in the Chronicles of Tenebrak.



Anna Jacobs is happy to be contacted about her writing and books. Please visit the contact page for more information.


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