Historical fiction

Here are my historical novels. Each has its own page on this website, containing cover, story summary, background information that you can't find elsewhere, and a link to the first chapter, so that you can see whether you'd like to read the whole book.



Golden Dreams May 2023Book 2 of Jubilee Lake
Silver Wishes December 2022Book 1 of Jubilee Lake
A Valley Secret June 2022Book 2 of Backshaw Moss
A Valley Wedding May 2022Book 3 of Backshaw Moss
Golden Dreams January 2022Book 2 of Jubilee Lake
Golden Dreams January 2022Book 2 of Jubilee Lake
A Valley Dream May 2021Book 1 of Backshaw Moss
A Woman's Promise November 2020Book 3 of Birch End
A Widow's Courage April 2020Book 2 of Birch End
A Daughter's Journey August 2019Book 1 of Birch End
One Perfect Family March 2019Book 4 of Ellindale
The Cotton Lass and Other Stories October 2018 
One Special Village September 2018Book 3 of Ellindale
Peace Comes to Honeyfield June 2018Book 3 of Honeyfield
One Kind Man January 2018Book 2 of Ellindale
One Quiet Woman May 2017Book 1 of Ellindale
Gifts For Our Time January 2017Book 4 of Rivenshaw
A Stranger in Honeyfield January 2017Book 2 of Honeyfield
The Honeyfield Bequest August 2016Book 1 of Honeyfield
A Time to Rejoice May 2016Book 3 of Rivenshaw
A Time For Renewal August 2015Book 2 of Rivenshaw
Legacy of Greyladies June 2015Book 3 of Greyladies
A Time to Remember January 2015Book 1 of Rivenshaw
Mistress of Greyladies August 2014Book 2 of Greyladies
The Trader's Reward April 2014Book 5 of The Traders
Persons of Rank (briefly 'A Proper Match' for US edition) January 2014 
Heir to Greyladies July 2013Book 1 of Greyladies
The Trader's Gift March 2013Book 4 of The Traders
Destiny's Path March 2013Book 3 of The Swan River Saga
The Trader's Dream October 2012Book 3 of The Traders
An Independent Woman September 2012 
Yew Tree Gardens June 2012Book 3 of The Wiltshire Girls
The Trader's Sister April 2012Book 2 of The Traders
The Trader's Wife August 2011Book 1 of The Traders
Elm Tree Road August 2011Book 2 of The Wiltshire Girls
Cherry Tree Lane August 2010Book 1 of The Wiltshire Girls
Beyond the Sunset July 2010Book 2 of The Swan River Saga
Farewell to Lancashire July 2009Book 1 of The Swan River Saga
Freedom's Land September 2008 
Yesterday's Girl January 2008Book 2 of Lady Bingram's Aides
Tomorrow's Promises July 2007Book 1 of Lady Bingram's Aides
Heart of the Town December 2006Book 4 of The Music Hall series
The Group Settler's Wife September 2006 
Bright Day Dawning July 2006Book 3 of The Music Hall series
Star of the North January 2006Book 2 of The Music Hall series
Pride of Lancashire August 2005Book 1 of The Music Hall series
Calico Road February 2005Book 2 of The Staley Family
Marrying Miss Martha May 2004 
Twopenny Rainbows February 2004Book 2 of The Irish Sisters
Threepenny Dreams February 2004Book 3 of The Irish Sisters
Our Mary Ann September 2003Book 4 of The Kershaw Sisters
Pennyworth of Sunshine February 2003Book 1 of The Irish Sisters
Mistress of Marymoor September 2002 
Our Eva September 2002Book 3 of The Kershaw Sisters
Down Weavers Lane January 2002Book 1 of The Staley Family
Replenish the Earth October 2001 
Lancashire Legacy June 2001Book 2 of The Lancashire Settlers
A Forbidden Embrace (reissued as The Northern Lady) January 2001 
Seasons of Love September 2000 
Our Polly June 2000Book 2 of The Kershaw Sisters
Lancashire Lass January 2000Book 1 of The Lancashire Settlers
Like No Other January 1999 
Our Lizzie January 1998Book 1 of The Kershaw Sisters
Jessie January 1997 
Spinners Lake January 1996Book 5 of Gibson Family Saga
Hallam Square June 1995Book 4 of Gibson Family Saga
Ridge Hill January 1995Book 3 of Gibson Family Saga
High Street June 1994Book 2 of Gibson Family Saga
Salem Street January 1994Book 1 of Gibson Family Saga


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