Science fiction and fantasy

In the 90s I was writing fantasy novels as Shannah Jay, and loved doing it. One of them (Price of Wisdom) was shortlisted for best Australian Fantasy Novel in 1996, but darnit, someone else won the award.

My Shannah Jay paperbacks are all out of print now, but my husband has put them on the Internet as ebooks, so they are still available for you to read. Each book has its own page on this website, containing cover, story summary, background information that you can't find elsewhere, and a link to the first chapter, so that you can see whether you'd like to read the whole book. Click on 'Shop' above to buy them.

I still take an occasional busman's holiday when I've finished writing a book, and write some good old fantasy. Tenebrak the Founding came about because I wanted to 'find out' how the temple that figures so prominently in the Chronicles of Tenebrak came to be built. I sold the book once, then the American publisher decided I couldn't do the PR they wanted because of living in Australia and gave it back to me.

Sword of Azaray was written as a children's novel, and I do wish Disney animated pictures would make a movie of it. It'd be perfect for them!

All the adults who've read it say children shouldn't be the only ones to read it, so I guess it's suitable for anyone, whatever their age.




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