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This section of the web site gives a list of the books written by Anna Jacobs, a few of them as Shannah Jay. You can find various sub-lists for each type and if you click on the book title, you'll be taken to a page giving more information about each book. You'll also be able to read the first chapter.

Each of my books has its own page on this website, containing cover image, story summary, background information that you can't find elsewhere, and a link to the first chapter, so that you can see whether you'd like to read the whole book.



Mara's Choice June 2021Book 1 of Waterfront
A Valley Dream May 2021Book 1 of Backshaw Moss
In Focus April 2021 
A Woman's Promise November 2020Book 3 of Birch End
Marrying Simone October 2020Book 3 of Penny Lake
A Widow's Courage April 2020Book 2 of Birch End
Mara January 2020 
Mara January 2020 
Finding Cassie January 2020Book 2 of Penny Lake
Christmas in Peppercorn Street October 2019Book 5 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
A Daughter's Journey August 2019Book 1 of Birch End
Changing Lara April 2019Book 1 of Penny Lake
One Perfect Family March 2019Book 4 of Ellindale
The Cotton Lass and Other Stories October 2018 
One Special Village September 2018Book 3 of Ellindale
Peace Comes to Honeyfield June 2018Book 3 of Honeyfield
Bay Tree Cottage March 2018Book 4 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
One Kind Man January 2018Book 2 of Ellindale
Saffron Lane September 2017Book 3 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
One Quiet Woman May 2017Book 1 of Ellindale
Gifts For Our Time January 2017Book 4 of Rivenshaw
A Stranger in Honeyfield January 2017Book 2 of Honeyfield
The Honeyfield Bequest August 2016Book 1 of Honeyfield
A Time to Rejoice May 2016Book 3 of Rivenshaw
Cinnamon Gardens October 2015Book 2 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
Tomorrow's Path September 2015 
A Time For Renewal August 2015Book 2 of Rivenshaw
Legacy of Greyladies June 2015Book 3 of Greyladies
Winds of Change March 2015 
A Time to Remember January 2015Book 1 of Rivenshaw
Peppercorn Street November 2014Book 1 of The 'Peppercorn' Series
A Time for Hope October 2014Book 3 of The 'Hope' Stories
Mistress of Greyladies August 2014Book 2 of Greyladies
The Trader's Reward April 2014Book 5 of The Traders
Persons of Rank (briefly 'A Proper Match' for US edition) January 2014 
In Search of Hope October 2013Book 2 of The 'Hope' Stories
Heir to Greyladies July 2013Book 1 of Greyladies
Marrying A Stranger April 2013 
Moving On April 2013 
The Trader's Gift March 2013Book 4 of The Traders
Destiny's Path March 2013Book 3 of The Swan River Saga
A Place of Hope November 2012Book 1 of The 'Hope' Stories
The Trader's Dream October 2012Book 3 of The Traders
An Independent Woman September 2012 
Yew Tree Gardens June 2012Book 3 of The Wiltshire Girls
Sword of Azaray June 2012 
The Trader's Sister April 2012Book 2 of The Traders
Short and Sweet October 2011 
The Trader's Wife August 2011Book 1 of The Traders
Elm Tree Road August 2011Book 2 of The Wiltshire Girls
Plotting and Editing February 2011 
Cherry Tree Lane August 2010Book 1 of The Wiltshire Girls
Licence to Dream July 2010 
Beyond the Sunset July 2010Book 2 of The Swan River Saga
Tenebrak the Founding June 2010Book 1 of Second Chronicles of Tenebrak
Farewell to Lancashire July 2009Book 1 of The Swan River Saga
Saving Willowbrook March 2009 
Freedom's Land September 2008 
Chestnut Lane May 2008 
Yesterday's Girl January 2008Book 2 of Lady Bingram's Aides
Kirsty's Vineyard November 2007 
Tomorrow's Promises July 2007Book 1 of Lady Bingram's Aides
Family Connections February 2007 
Heart of the Town December 2006Book 4 of The Music Hall series
The Group Settler's Wife September 2006 
Bright Day Dawning July 2006Book 3 of The Music Hall series
The Corrigan Legacy April 2006 
Star of the North January 2006Book 2 of The Music Hall series
Pride of Lancashire August 2005Book 1 of The Music Hall series
Calico Road February 2005Book 2 of The Staley Family
The Wishing Well November 2004 
Marrying Miss Martha May 2004 
Twopenny Rainbows February 2004Book 2 of The Irish Sisters
Threepenny Dreams February 2004Book 3 of The Irish Sisters
Our Mary Ann September 2003Book 4 of The Kershaw Sisters
Change of Season March 2003 
Pennyworth of Sunshine February 2003Book 1 of The Irish Sisters
Mistress of Marymoor September 2002 
Our Eva September 2002Book 3 of The Kershaw Sisters
Down Weavers Lane January 2002Book 1 of The Staley Family
Replenish the Earth October 2001 
Lancashire Legacy June 2001Book 2 of The Lancashire Settlers
A Forbidden Embrace (reissued as The Northern Lady) January 2001 
Seasons of Love September 2000 
Our Polly June 2000Book 2 of The Kershaw Sisters
Lancashire Lass January 2000Book 1 of The Lancashire Settlers
Like No Other January 1999 
Our Lizzie January 1998Book 1 of The Kershaw Sisters
Jessie January 1997 
An Introduction to Romance Writing January 1997 
The Price of Wisdom August 1996Book 4 of The Chronicles of Tenebrak
Spinners Lake January 1996Book 5 of Gibson Family Saga
Hallam Square June 1995Book 4 of Gibson Family Saga
Shadow of the Serpent June 1995Book 3 of The Chronicles of Tenebrak
Lands of Nowhere January 1995Book 2 of The Chronicles of Tenebrak
Ridge Hill January 1995Book 3 of Gibson Family Saga
High Street June 1994Book 2 of Gibson Family Saga
Salem Street January 1994Book 1 of Gibson Family Saga
Envoy January 1994 
Quest January 1994Book 1 of The Chronicles of Tenebrak


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